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Bassnectar Gets Shut Down in Santa Cruz, Show Your Support for Music Culture and Spin the Vote!

Posted: Friday May 1st 2012

Bassnectar aka Lorin Ashton is fired up and it’s not for the right reasons. The man behind the beats was stoked to play a show in Santa Cruz this week when he found out that one of his favorite cities was shutting the gig down the DAY BEFORE because of some obscure local noise ordinance. What’s extra ridiculous about all this is that Bassnectar played the same Civic Center last year and promised to keep volume at the same levels as well as wrapping up early but SC still didn’t budge on their last-minute plug pull. You can get the full story straight from Lorin’s lips in this Facebook post calling out the seaside hamlet for its unfair policies.

Sad thing is, this is a regular occurrence in EDM. City officials are always looking for loopholes that leave dance fans out in the cold. Are you going to stand for this type of treatment? Because Lorin isn’t and he wants you to take up the torch, too:

“If you live in Santa Cruz, and you love music & culture, you can easily contact your city officials and explain that this ordinance #9.36.010 is not acceptable. I am sure there are a few dozen neighbors who don't want to hear the sound from a concert, but there are thousands of citizens, students and bass heads who deserve to enjoy the music they love. I suggest allowing AT LEAST ONE concert a month, going until at LEAST 10pm, as a small compromise. Currently the way the city has chosen to treat artists, fans, and the music community is shameful. You have the power to change this for your community.”

And you know how you can exercise that power? Get registered to vote in your community. Get all your EDM friends to do the same. Create a movement, sign a petition, gather your forces and flex your people power. Hundreds of thousands of fans attend festivals and shows just like Bassnectar’s all over this country – and if every one of y’all took advantage of your right to vote, politicians wouldn’t just want to pay attention to your concerns, they would have to do it if they wanted to see another election cycle.

The EDM community has a voice and it gets louder every time a bass head picks up a ballot. Join Bassnectar and come together to send a message that this musical movement isn’t some random blip on the pop radar. EDM shouldn’t be bullied into silence. It’s a force to be reckoned with … but City Hall won’t know if you ignore your democratic privileges. Fight for your right to dance.